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Hi, my name is Lori McAdams. I am learning how to live life on my own terms. Through my writings, I find self-healing. I am no longer trapped in my own mind.
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Reset Yourself

I wasn’t in a good place. I had put on a lot of weight in 2015. I’m talking 50 lbs. I had an amazing career. I was an all-star performer, record breaking, sales representative and sales manager with a 6-figure income. I was working 80+ hours a week, you could say I was addicted to my job.  In reality, I was escaping my personal life. I rarely slept, rarely ate, and when I did eat, it was extremely late. I’m talking 11pm, and I was eating jack-in-the box. Horrible, I know…

At the beginning of 2016, it was game time for my sales team. We had just hit our peak…we were on FIRE. All that hard work, all those hours we put in for the last couple years, was about to show, and I couldn’t wait.  But I had hit my all-time low from a health perspective.

Weight Gain… I was the heaviest I had ever been. I wore 2 pairs of black stretchy pants for a year.

Stress… It became unbearable. Crying behind closed doors, getting an average of 3 hours of sleep, sweating regularly, high blood pressure.

Fatigue… I was hesitant to believe I needed more sleep. I thought hard workers never sleep.

A few of my employees started asking me to teach them “work life balance”. I would sit there and think to myself, I clearly have no idea how to do that. I certainly wanted to learn how to do that. I also wanted to shed the weight I had gained so quickly, as I no longer felt like myself. I had become a stranger in my own body.

If I kept going on the path I was traveling, I could easily end up with a heart attack or some other health condition. I was missing out on relationships. I had written them off. I wrote off everything in my personal life you could possibly imagine except paying my bills. In fact, this is why I was so successful at my previous job. I was fueled by pain.

Tony Robbins states, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”. I was not fulfilled. But…I was extremely successful at work. Others thought I had it all. Something was missing…

These were all red flags that started waving consistently in my mind.

I knew I would need significant help around nutrition. I’ve always lost weight quickly through a fitness routine. But eventually…I always gained the weight back.

This time I wanted something different. I wanted to not fear gaining the weight back and I never wanted to feel like I was feeling at this moment in my life, EVER again. I want to be forever healthy and that must include a new type of education…

To be clear, I didn’t just want to shed weight; I wanted to do so with intelligence. I wanted the weight loss to be an extra benefit of what I was truly trying to accomplish. I wasn’t sure exactly what that was, but I knew that losing the weight was not my life’s purpose… I wanted to LEARN everything about what it takes to lose those 50lbs. Lastly, I wanted to teach others to do the same.

I knew I needed to create a new normal, a new baseline, new routines. I knew I needed to let old habits fall away. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew this was going to require a total change in focus.

If I didn’t commit to change, how much more would I allow myself to suffer?

Fast forward a few years…if I don’t commit, and continue this same path, how will my life look now, in 2020?

Scary thought, huh?

So, what was it going to take for me to commit?

A real decision.

1The first step to getting anywhere is DECIDING you’re NOT willing to stay where you are.

I decided to take a risk. A huge risk. I had recently hired a life coach a few months prior. I knew I would have her to lean on for this big step I was about to take.

And the decision was to close my eyes, hand in my resignation letter, and focus on me, my health, and my future. I’m 32 years old and if I were to stay in my career, I knew I wouldn’t stop executing at my fullest. I told myself, “When I learn to be healthy, and what that actually means, I will bring the two back together.” I wasn’t sure of my decision at the time, but I was confident I would figure things out.

I hired a personal fitness trainer the week I left my company. I scheduled myself to see him one on one, three times a week.

My fitness trainer put me in touch with a nutritionist. I gave her my whole life story, well, because I’m a storyteller.  I wanted to be specific and detailed about who I am and what I want to accomplish when choosing someone to help me achieve my goals. It took one sentence in her response to me to throw me off:

 “Based on my understanding regarding diet, it seems as though you are not in the market for quick weight loss.”

It threw me off because my email to her was about how determined I was to lose the weight. She wasn’t listening to me. I didn’t feel comfortable.

My life coach then referred me to Reset Yourself. She said they would use a piece of my hair to test, which I thought was weird, to learn what my body needs to fuel energy and shed the weight.  It’s almost like a blood test, but done through your hair tissue. Reset would analyze my results and show me how to eat for my body, exercise for my body, and take the right supplements to support how I process what I eat, how I burn energy, how I handle stress, and how much I need to sleep. She explained this “test” would allow ME to take control, giving myself more opportunity to see the bigger picture, a reality check of what was actually going on in my body. She said I would have more clarity.

I trusted my life coach. Usually when you are referred to someone by someone whom you trust, you don’t ask too many questions. You know they have your best interest in mind. She also said she had done it and she was a former nutritionist so she could help me with any questions I had after my initial consultation. This made me feel comfortable.

I went on the Reset Yourself website and bought the test. I received it in the mail. And I was super nervous to cut my own hair. But I did it. It was easy. I cut a piece of my hair, sent it back in, and received my results three weeks later.

I had no idea what to expect. What in the world was my hair going to tell me?

My first consultation was different…it was unique. I thought I was going to get a diet plan, but instead my first consultation was about mineral imbalances in my body and what harm they could potentially cause or were already causing. Well, this was certainly a different way to look at food.

In the consultation, she correctly guessed a lot of things about me…

 “It looks like you’ve gone through a war. Your body has been in a source of survival mode where it needed to hold on to things. You are over-stressed, whether that be a job or some sort of loss.”

 “Because you have a strong body, you can go for longer periods of time”

“Really good at your job, harder worker than most, you think faster than most people”

My sodium and potassium levels were higher than normal range. These two were high due to my level of stress, therefore, it would be harder for me to lose weight when these levels are this high, yet it’s still possible. To make changes, I must focus on my mindset. She could tell that I was living a life with no balance, I was working a job that was toxic, and I had coreissuesa hard time saying “no” because I always want to be there for others. She also assumed that I have a very hard time relaxing my brain – even for 1 minute. She recommended meditation.

How did she know these things? Things that I had held in my subconscious mind that I didn’t quite recognize in my conscious mind. Things that I had never said out loud, talked to anyone about, but when she said them it was like…”oh…hmm…well that is true”.

She had my full attention at this point.

I have had thyroid concerns for past few years. I had been getting regular ultra sounds to monitor my thyroid levels, as well as a biopsy, which tested benign. Praise the lord! A core issue from my hair test was “Sluggish Liver”. When your liver is sluggish, your thyroid is working slower. When your thyroid is working slower, you can experience weight gain and fatigue, and it’s certainly not easy to relax your mind.

This also had my attention. I had just completed blood work. The first thing I blamed my weight gain on was thyroid. My blood results showed my levels were in normal range. The Reset Yourself test was telling me more than a blood test. I learned that the average level of minerals is about 10 times as high in the hair versus in the blood. Blood is maintained at the expense of tissues, such as the hair. This means the hair will change first, often years before the blood. Blood is far more buffered and it has to be because it touches every cell in your body. In simpler terms, the hair is a storage organ and, to some degree, an excretory tissue. The blood is a transport medium.

And…who’d of thought you could course correct through nutrition and lifestyle? I’m over here thinking…if I have thyroid problems I will do ultrasounds, possibly biopsies, maybe take thyroid medicine if it gets worse enough. That is how previous doctors had instructed me to monitor my thyroid levels. My brain certainly didn’t think in terms of prevention altogether.

I never ever thought that food, or even adding in meditation and gratitude to my daily routine, could make such a significant health difference in my day-to-day life. It’s actually quite insane. Most people are not aware that the food we put into our mouth is what is creating the health issues we face today.

Part of my commitment to myself was to learn about nutrition, so that it became an embedded lifestyle. I had a hell of a lot to learn. I shared my results with my life coach, who helped break down the information I received even more. By the second time I went through the results, I was in tears.

I realized a lot of things needed to change. It was more than just a diet. It was more than just exercise. It was a lot of mind things…

And it felt overwhelming.

I put my results to the side for a bit and decided to focus only on what I was familiar and comfortable with. The nutritional intake. The food I was putting into my body.

I gave up fast food, eating out, food delivery apps were deleted from my phone. I gave up Starbucks, my favorite place on human earth. Replaced most beverages with spring water. And switched all my shopping to Whole Foods.

Am I perfect? Nope. But, I am aware. I have become conscious and curious of reading the ingredients that come in the food I buy. I’m making progress, not back tracking. I’m learning.

I attempted to practice mediation right from the start; it was hard. Today, I meditate daily, and it took months to build that habit. It also took me months to implement infrared sauna, which turned out to be a really cool experience.

It’s now been 8 months since my consultation. I’m currently awaiting the results for my Reset Yourself Retest. I’m curious to see what progress I have made.

123Exercising regularly, combined with nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes, allowed me to shed just shy of 50lbs since I started my journey. I stand proud at 128lbs and I have more energy than I’ve had since childhood. I have also an entire new level of knowledge, not just about nutrition, but about the human body and what it needs to survive and prosper.

Am I an expert? Nope.

I’m still working on my stress levels. Stress is a normal part of life, but to minimize it there are many things I am putting into practice such as mediation and gratitude.

It all goes back to the mindset.

Reset Yourself provided me with a different way to think. By August, I felt I had my nutritional intake under control, and was ready to revisit my results.

I am definitely a work in progress. A good work in progress because progress equals happiness. If we are not growing, we’re dying. I always want to be growing.

Growth is a mindset.

We are meant to grow so we have something to give.


It’s hard to start a nutrition plan, it’s hard to start an exercise plan, and it’s even harder to stay consistent. It’s hard to make the time when you are used to certain ways, certain routines, and certain ways of living your life. If you are just getting started in your health journey, I feel you.

But it’s most challenging to change the mind; to learn a new way to think.

I thought when I reached my weight goals, I would go back to my technology job. I was making a lot of money in that industry. Through this experience, I have learned that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. I feel significant progress in my health journey, and I’m just getting started. That on top that I’m the happiest I have ever been.

And I am being pulled in a completely new direction.

I’m NOT the same person I was when this year started.

I believe the best has yet to come.

As I work on my 2017 goals, I reflect on a few conclusions I reached in 2016:

  • Exercise proves that excellence in one area of my life promotes excellence in all areas of my life
  • I’m stronger than I think
  • I need to stop being so hard on myself. I’m doing great!
  • It OK to do nothing. The answers we seek come when we’re still
  • Daily rituals set the stage for my entire day
  • The food we put into our mouth is a root cause for how we feel. Don’t take advantage
  • Nutrition is the master key to human health. What most of us think as proper nutrition, isn’t
  • I can choose to be positive just as easily as I can choose to be negative. It’s my choice
  • Progress equals happiness
  • Always be growing

I know there is tremendous room for improvement and education in the world of healthcare. There is an overwhelming amount of information floating around. People will need to DECIDE to educate themselves.

Because being healthy equally has everything to do with the way you think.

The mind.

The human mind is always looking for what’s wrong. The human brain is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to make you survive.

Happiness is your job.

Achieving optimal health is beyond just a physical aspect (exercise and nutrition), which is what you will find most people define as “health”.  Optimal health has everything to do with balance. Balance between your physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional well-being.

They say when you become grateful for your life, the challenges, the failures, the friends that come and go and the ones that stay, the family that supports and loves you, your faith and the fact that you woke up today, you’re breathing, doors start to open. I can contest that this, in fact, is true.

As of September 2016, I happily announce that I am a Reset Yourself employee. I’m filled with gratitude for this opportunity. I want to support others as they enter this journey. My dream is to inspire as many people as I can to achieve their dreams, to dig beneath the surface, and to have the courage to learn about things that are holding them back that maybe they couldn’t see before. To learn how to break those patterns because being healthy is everything.

The only person who canyes-you-can tap into that emotional mindset is YOU.

It’s your choice.

Reset Yourself is a tool to help you get on your way to achieving optimal health. The secret code to healthy living has been inside you your whole life, you just need the science and personalized approach to help you access it. Everything Reset Yourself does is dedicated to helping their clients achieve optimal wellness. Something I did not see in my first consultation 8 months ago.

You can read more about Reset Yourself here:

We, as people, were created for so much more than sitting behind a computer desk, stressing ourselves out beyond what is manageable, to live a life un-fulfilled, being angry, sick, and depressed.

We all have unlimited potential. I don’t care who you are, every single one of us has the power within to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

I’m 110% confident there is a HERO hiding inside every single one of you.

With Gratitude,

Lori McAdams

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